In the semi-final of the Andersen League, we hosted GOODWILL PHARMA SZEGED, who have been in outstanding form lately, on Sunday night at home. We knew we were in for a tough fight, one of our few defeats in the regular season was at the hands of the Tisza side.

It was a great pleasure for us to see our excellent player, Márk Nagy, back on the pitch after a long injury. They quickly got into the rhythm, scoring a goal in the first minute, which – as it turned out later – was only the first episode of a process. (1-0) The home crowd saw the home team dominate the field, the visitors’ goalkeeper received a lot of shots, but Garbacz successfully saved our shots, but a counter attack resulted in very dangerous situations, and Dániel Kornakker had to show bravura on many occasions. A 14. However, at the beginning of the second minute, Szeged found the gap in the shield, Kaposi scored the equalizer. (1-1) No more goals were scored until the whistle, and the boys went into the break with a clean sheet.

The first minutes of the second period were all about Mark Nagy, first he scored after a textbook all-around play, and then less than half a minute later he couldn’t make a mistake in 1-1. (3-1) After 10 minutes of scoreless play, first Danilov showed a nice and effective solo action, then Kambulov scored after a quick counter attack. (3-3). It looked like it would be a repeat of the first half and the boys could go to the break with a draw, but we managed to take advantage of our first man advantage, Benedek Madácsi unleashed one of his “usual” long range bombs. (4-3)

At the beginning of the last period we still had the man advantage (Biakin got 2+2 minutes at the end of the second period) and we didn’t give the opponent much time to pick up the pace, Dániel Csölle got a very good shot on the puck in the middle. (5-3) We did not let our 2 goal lead slip away, in the 47th minute. In the second minute, Márk Nagy scored his fourth goal! (6-3) There was still some powder left for the visitors, 2 minutes later they counterattacked well from a lost puck, Kovács scored. (6-4) Another 2 minutes later the Szeged net was again vibrating, after a beautiful interplay Bence Makovics shot into an empty net. (7-4) We played the last minutes of the game with a man advantage, and in the last seconds Mark Nagy scored a “masterstroke” in his first game back! (8-4)

It wasn’t an easy match, but we managed to keep our advantage, and next Saturday we can even “win” the qualification in Szeged!
If necessary 3. match will take place on Wednesday (04.03.) at 18:30 in the Győr Ice Sports Centre.
In case of qualification, the first meeting of the final will take place on 04.06.



Goal scorers:
#18 Nagy Márk (5), #12 Madácsi Benedek, #19 Csölle Dániel, #8 Makovics Bence (UNI GYŐR ETO)
#95 Kaposi, #36 Danilov, #11 Kambulov, #22 Kovács (Szeged)

In our gallery we have selected the best pictures of the match:

Photo by Dr. Krisztina Németh-Csigai