The boys didn’t have much time to rest after last week’s “dumping”, on Monday the EUHL champion of the last two seasons, Gladiators Trencin, was waiting for our team in the Győr Ice Sports Centre.

The visitors came with a very strong team, and you could feel it from the first second with their aggressive, attacking play. In the second minute, a long range shot from a party was unlucky to slip into Róth’s net and unfortunately this proved to be a bad omen for the match as a whole. In the first minutes of the game, we were very stuck in our own third, and in the 4th minute Skvarka scored after a good save. 2 minutes later the Trenčín team was happy again, after a good puck they could attack two on one, which Smolka could convert. Before the break the “gladiators” were able to start a counter attack and Buchmann showed no mercy.

We started the second period better, the crowd saw a more even fight, which led to the first Győr goal, Mátyás Odnoga scored. Soon afterwards, however, we found ourselves in a double-man disadvantage, which we failed to defend, and this was the beginning of another Trenčín “march”. We got 2 more goals in 2 minutes, after which Jakab Pálfi replaced Nándor Róth in goal. Shortly afterwards the visitors scored again from a man advantage, Skvarka scored his third goal of the match.

We came out in the last period with a different spirit, found our rhythm and dominated the game. Barely half a minute after the opening whistle, Benedek Madácsi scored Győr’s second goal after a nice all-round play. A couple of minutes later, Csata Sebestyén received a nice pass from Madácsi, increasing the number of our goals to three. With 10 minutes to go, Savara fired a shot from the blue line that Pálfi could not save, setting the final score.

Unfortunately, the first two periods sealed the fate of the meeting, but the last period showed a very encouraging game and exceptional will to fight.

Moving on, on Saturday we will play another home Andersen League match against Lehel HC, and next week we will play University of Győr Hockey Cup II!


UNI GYŐR ETO HC vs Gladiators Trencin: 3 – 9 (EUHL)

Goal scorers:
#21 Odnoga Mátyás, #18 Madácsi Benedek, #10 Csata Sebestyén, (UNI GYŐR ETO)
#12 Stehlik, #11 Skvarka (3), #24 Smolka (2), #99 Buchmann, #68 Koncir, #22 Savara (Gladiators)

In our gallery we have selected the best pictures of the match:

Photo by Dr. Krisztina Németh-Csigai