We travelled to Dunaújváros this weekend in a winning mood, we knew we couldn’t make any more mistakes against the Worm Angels with a score of 1:2.

It was a very difficult match, the opponent showed a better and better game during the playoffs and could secure their qualification on home soil. We were soon confronted with these facts, right at the beginning of the first period Kiss scored, giving the home team the lead, and we had to wait more than 10 minutes for our equalizer thanks to Márk Koczkás. Even though we had more shots on goal, the home team could go into the break with the lead, 1 minute before the whistle Lencsés also found a gap in Szeles’ goal.

The second period was also an even game, but we had to wait a lot longer for the first goal, which unfortunately found our goal again, Papp scored in the 35th minute. in minutes. Just 3 minutes later Mark Nagy could make it better, but we could go to the break 1 goal down.

In the third period we tried our best to equalize, but our shots on goal were always without result. Two minutes before the end of the scoreless period we called a timeout and tried to score the equalizer and with it the extra time. Dunaújváros managed to get the puck and Papp scored to set the final score.

With this win, unfortunately, Worm Angels won the semi-final match 3:1. The team from Dunaújváros proved to be a skilful and difficult opponent, showing a more and more dangerous and innovative game during the matches. Congratulations to them!

Our team showed tremendous fighting spirit until the last minute, and there was no sign of giving up. As things stand, there will also be a bronze medal match, details to be announced later. Go UNI GYŐR ETO!

Worm Angels vs UNI GYŐR ETO HC: 2 – 4 (AL91)

Goal scorers:
#3 Koczkás Márk #18 Nagy Márk (UNI GYŐR ETO)
#97 Kiss, #3 Lencsés, #92 Papp (2) (WA)