The most important matches of the season are here, the final of the Andersen League 2023/24 started on Tuesday night! Our opponent is LEHEL HC from Jászberény, who we met during the season not only in the championship, but also in the Hungarian Cup, our record was an encouraging 3:1 before the final. Despite this, we knew that we had to summon all our strength, the team from Jászság showed very good form throughout the season, finishing the regular season with the same number of points (50) as our team.

Even before the whistle blew, the atmosphere in the Győr Ice Sports Centre was fantastic, with nearly 500 fans cheering the boys on throughout the game. Our junior hockey players accompanied the players out onto the ice and listened to the national anthem together, then they left the pitch to a loud ovation from the crowd and the match was about to begin.

From the first moment we put pressure on the visitors, the puck was in Lehel’s third most of the time, and after 5 minutes we were able to convert our advantage into a goal: Botond Fekete’s long-range shot was saved by Monostori, but Benedek Madácsi positioned himself well and scored from the rebound to take the lead. (1-0)
We had several chances in the remaining quarter of the period, but the opponent defended well and we couldn’t score any more. A more dangerous move by Jászberény was well neutralized by our defenders, so the score remained the same at the break.

By the second half, Szilárd Rusznyák ‘s defence was overwhelmed and the scoring started:

  • a 23. In the second minute, Márk Nagy started on the edge with dizzying speed, and the attack was calmly finished by Bence Makovics (2-0)
  • a minute and a half later, Márk Almási broke in behind the goal, then put the rebound into the net with a mid-range bomb (3-0)
  • less than 3 minutes later came the next goal, Benedek Madácsi scored aggressively between 2 defenders, 1:1 against the goalie and rarely makes a mistake (4-0)
  • another 2 minutes later, we managed to “force” Monostori out of his goal with a dangerous attack, and Botond Fekete recognized the situation well, and put the puck into the empty net from a sharp angle (5-0)
  • after a “longer break” Benedek Madácsi scored with his trademark long range bomb, Botond Fekete blocked the visibility of the visitors’ goalkeeper (6-0)
  • in the last minute of the period we didn’t have to be bored, Márk Nagy showed his genius, first cutting through Kardán like a knife through butter, then he also mauled Monostori (7-0)

There was no question that this was the end of the game after 20 minutes, and after the break the visitors changed their goalkeeper, Eőry replaced Monostori.

At the beginning of the last period Almási gave a great pass to Benedek Madácsi, who made 4. scored in the first match of the final. There were no more hits in the remaining time, you could feel the players’ fatigue, and the smaller fouls – exhibitions – came to the fore.

This meeting surpassed all our expectations and even hopes, with an exceptional atmosphere, high tempo and a match rich in home goals, we took the lead in the battle for the trophy.
On Friday we will face another challenge in Jászberény, and on Sunday (04.14.) at 18:30 we can cheer for success at home again!


UNI GYŐR ETO HC vs LEHEL HC: 8 – 0 (AL172)

Goal scorers:
#12 Benedek Madácsi (4), #8 Bence Makovics, #14 Márk Almási, #13 Botond Fekete, #18 Márk Nagy (UNI GYŐR ETO)

In our gallery we have selected the best pictures of the match:

Photo by Dr. Krisztina Németh-Csigai