After last year’s silver medal, this year the SZE team won the final against the University of Physical Education by more than 10 goals.

This year the University of Győr has launched two teams.

Members of team number one:

Botond Fekete
Balázs Vojnits
Mátyás Odnoga
Balázs Takács
Barnabás Majoross
Bence Makovics
Benedek Madácsi

The composition of team number two:

Levente Geosits
Géza Wührl
János Máté Szűcs
Nándor Róth
Tamás István Farkas
Sebestyen Csata
Daniel Csölle

Compared to the previous edition, thirteen teams entered the MEFOB, with the University of Óbuda represented by three teams, but the University of Technology, BGE and Széchenyi University also entered two teams.

3×3 hockey was the main event all day long in the Óbuda Ice Hall. In addition to the university tournament, the final matches of the McDonald’s 3×3 junior championship and the adult Erste 3×3 series were played on Saturday.

The first team of the SZE started their matches shortly before five o’clock, first against Óbuda University and then against Semmelweis University, the boys won by a large goal difference. This qualified them for the semi-finals as the top seed in their group.

Although the events took place on 3 rinks at the Óbuda Ice Hall at the same time, but in parallel with the other championships. So it was possible that the number two team of Győriek, only took to the pitch for the first time after half past seven in the evening. And against last year’s champions, TE Erste League players. It didn’t take much for them to pull off the feat, but they were beaten by a few goals. The BME one team was next, and maybe the failure of the previous match also left its mark on the boys’ game, they couldn’t win here either, so SZE II. did not get further.

But after that, it was decided that the number one team of the SZE would have to beat the BGE two to reach the final. The boys played with great spirit and took the lead very quickly, the result was not in doubt for a minute, they didn’t give the opponent a chance. With the same momentum they went on to a dominant victory against the University of Physical Education, taking revenge for the defeat of the SZE two team.

The results were announced at 10 pm, where Zoltán Kovács, the professional vice-president of the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation, presented the team with the gold medal.

For those familiar with the roster of UNI GYŐR ETO HC, it was easy to notice that the team of Széchenyi István University consists of almost the same players, with the addition of Győr students who play in the lower divisions. But there were also some familiar faces in the teams of other universities, such as László Horváth, who studied and played at Semmelweis University and grew up in Győr, or Jábor Bendegúz, who played for the Andersen League and EUHL championship team in Győr, and Ádám Kiss, who carried the BME team on his back.

Well done guys!