UNI GYŐR ETO HC U21 team had an exciting and productive weekend, as they were visited by the junior team of multiple DEL champion ERC Ingolstadt.

The teams played two matches, with the German youngsters winning 4-3 with a last-minute goal in the Saturday afternoon match. The goals were scored back and forth, the junior team of Győr was assisted by several Anderesen League “overage” players, of course with the knowledge of the guests. Lóránt Láday and Mátyás Odnoga, the coaches of the Győr team, are already building the future squad, and the new guys who joined the juniors last year are also looking for a place in the ranks of UNI GYŐR ETO. Soon, all fans will know who they are, as we will keep introducing them on our social media platforms.

The Saturday afternoon match was followed by a Sunday morning match, where the “pure” U21 team of Győr met the U19 team of Ingolstadt. The 18-year-olds from Győr were in a similar party mood as the day before. It was 1 here, 1 there all the way, but just before the break, like before, the German team was leading by one goal. This time, however, the Láday-Odnoga duo brought down the goalkeeper, but the German team took advantage and It ended 4-2.

Anyone who thinks that the Ingolstadt team, which is also supported by AUDI GMBH, was here for a reason is not mistaken. An old plan of Győr to strengthen the relationship between the two clubs has come true and now, thanks to corporate support, the cream of the crop of one of the most successful German ice hockey teams has come to Győr.

Among the German players there are several players who played in several matches for the DEL adult team last year (and probably also this year). ERC Ingolstadt’s adult professional players will play in the CHL, the Champions League, this weekend.

During the weekend organised by the Széchenyi University of Győr, UNI GYŐR ETO HC and AUDI GMBH, the Ingolsadt boys visited the university campus, as they had a taste of university life among the students who were busy during freshers’ week.

After a successful weekend, both the ERC Ingolstadt academy management and the management of the flagship regional academy of UNI GYŐR ETO HC are optimistic that there will be a continuation. Just as the two cities and the AUDI factory are twin cities, so too in hockey the two cities and the two clubs can come closer together.

Photo by Dr. Krisztina Németh-Csigai Krisztina
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